There is a place in Galicia that preserves the treasure of its whole history in just over a kilometer.
It is in San Vicente do Grove.
In a memorable scenery, we will talk about forgotten gods, legends, mysteries … and you will be guided along the same paths that all Western civilizations traveled throughout history: Saefes, Celts, Phoenicians, Romans, Julius Caesar, the Apostle Santiago, Suevos, Vikings, Arabs, and also pirates and corsairs …

TAll that is on this route.

Ruta de Adro Vello sobre el mapa de San Vicente

  Route: 3,5 kms approx.

  Duration: approx. two hours

  Difficulty: minimal, slight slope.

  Recommendations: Comfortable footwear, cap, water, sun protection.

  Hours: to be arranged

 Discounts for groups.

 Download our leaflet about the route

It is a unique enclave, impossible to find in other places in such a perceptible, concentrated and significant way, a fundamental point of reference, with historical and ethnological characteristics that truly summarize the history of Galicia.

From AdroVello we want to make it known by offering the possibility of a guided and conscious visit, a tour where we will explain in detail the elements that make it up, taking a walk through history and nature, immersed in a landscape of impressive and healing beauty.

  1. A beginning in Os Castriños, our origin
  2. A presentation of the Adro Vello archaeological site, what it hides and part of what remains to be known
  3. A nice walk of light and sea along some of the beaches of San Vicente
  4. A detailed visit to the complex consisting of the parish church, rectory house, exempt bell tower and sculpture of the Traslatio coin, symbol of Xacobeo 2021
  5. A must stop in the ruins of the Casa da Fonte, image on the O Grove shield that represents San Vicente, and a scenario that encloses transcendental facts of our local history and that reflect much of that of Galicia

When we finish the route, we can enjoy, together, a drink and a tapa.

In addition, we recommend you to stay in San Vicente and discover all the places of interest it offers: for eating, visiting and staying, which will surely contribute you to have a very special day.

Our project also aims to influence this important and significant cultural testimony that benefits and enriches the history not only of San Vicente do Grove but also of Galicia.

The rigorous and aware knowledge of our historical heritage you will get in this journey through history, and the appreciation of the importance of this impressive legacy also seeks to draw everyone’s attention to the need to care for, protect and recover this whole set.

About Us

We are who are going to accompany you on this tour, and we have been born and live here, we fully enjoy San Vicente and we want to show it to you in a way you did not imagine: different, vivid, emotional.

It will be a route full of light and peace, guided and explained, in which, wherever you come from, you will not only appreciate the importance of this place for History, but without any doubt, you will become part of it.


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